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How do I get paid when my clients register online?

In order to receive payments from your clients through DogBizPro, you have to integrate with one of our supported payment processors.

What is a “payment processor”?

A payment processor lets you accept online payments with or without a merchant account of your own. If you have a merchant account you can choose to integrate with Authorize.NET as the payment gateway between your existing merchant account and our software.
If you don't have a merchant account, you can choose to use PayPal alone or go with either BluePay or Authorize.NET. Both BluePay and Authorize.NET will allow you to setup a new merchant account as well when you sign-up.

How do I integrate with DogBizPro?

Once you have setup your payment account, you can enter the information on the Online Registration->Configuration page in the Admin Module and turn on 'allow online payments'. At that point your clients can begin registering and paying your invoices online!
BluePay Authorize.NET