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Below are some common questions and answers about DogBizPro. If you have any questions not answered below please visit our support portal or contact us.
  • General

    1. What is DogBizPro?
      DogBizPro is an online, hosted software package designed specifically for Dog Professionals. Our software as a service (SAAS) package gives you the ability to manage your client information, dog details and class schedule quickly and easily from anywhere you have internet access, including your phone or tablet. DogBizPro was designed to save you time and money by eliminating unnecessary paperwork so you can focus more of your time on growing your business!

    2. If after using your product I decide for what ever reason that I want to discontinue service what is the process and what access do you provide for me to retain my existing data?
      If you do decide for whatever reason you do not wish to continue using our service, simply let us know in writing 30 days prior to cancellation. Before we terminate your service, you can use our reporting interface to export your client, dog, event and class data.

    3. Does the monthly fee give me access to all of the services listed on your website or are there additional fees for specific functions?

      Yes, the monthly fee gives you access to all of the current features of DogBizPro as well as any additional updates to the software modules you have purchased.

    4. I am currently using another application. Can my data be imported?
      Yes, your data may be able to be imported into DogBizPro. It depends on the application you are currently using and the format into which you can export that data. Download our blank data import template for more details. Once you have your data in that format you can email it to
  • Pricing

    1. What is the new Subscription option?
      We have decided to offer a subscription only plan. This eliminates the need for any upfront payment on your part. The monthly price is higher than if you decide to do the purchase option. Please keep in mind once you do the subscription you cannot switch to the purchase option without paying the buy-in fee.

    2. What are the differences in the purchase and monthly fees?
      The purchase price is a one-time payment that covers the setup of your own DogBizPro site for your business. The monthly fee is an on-going charge that covers the cost of bandwidth, server space, maintenance, nightly back-up of your data as well as any new updates to the software.

    3. Do I have to pay the monthly fee?
      Yes, because of the online nature of the software, the monthly fee is required. The monthly fee covers the items listed above.

    4. Can I upgrade to another version after I purchase?
      Yes, you can always upgrade to a higher level of service. Just contact us and we can give you the prorated upgrade price and adjust your monthly hosting to reflect the new level of service.

    5. Can I downgrade my service after signing up?
      Yes, if you find you purchased a version that was higher than what you really need, contact us and we can handle the downgrade process for you. Your monthly hosting amount will be updated as of the first of the next month but please note you will not be refunded the difference in the purchase price.

    6. What is the difference between a user and an employee?
      A user is someone that will have their own login id and be able to access the software. An employee is someone like an instructor who just needs to be in the system for data purposes. Employee types currently include instructor and therapist. As we add more modules for other areas the types of employees in the system will grow. Employees do not have access to the software unless they also have a user account.
  • Technical

    1. Where is my data stored?
      Your data resides on our servers in a national secured data center. This enables you to access your information from anywhere you have internet access. Take your IPad or Tablet device to your classes and enter information real-time.

    2. What support do you provide to ensure I will always have access to my site?
      Our servers reside in a national data center which provides 24x7 support and monitoring. They guarantee a 99.999% up-time. Should anything ever happen to the server we will work with them to have everything resolved asap.

    3. What support is available for the software?
      Our support team is available via email 24x7. We make every effort to respond to your emails within 8 hours. We also provide chat support from within the application and phone support by appointment. If you would to setup time to speak with an agent on the phone, just send us an email or leave a voicemail with your phone number and the best time to reach you.
      Phone: 847.780.2498 | Email:

    4. What are the advantages of an online software package?
      Online software packages or Software as a Service (SaaS) are the newest way to offer business software. Some of the advantages include:
      • There is nothing to install on your computer
      • You can access the software from any location or device that has internet access
      • You do not have to worry about downloading or installing updates on your computer
      • Online software can more easily integrate with other online packages or websites

    5. What web browsers do you support?
      Our main target browser is FireFox, but we do test our software on Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome. If there is ever an issue with the software in one of these browsers we will support and fix it.

    6. Do you guarantee/ensure my data is safe and secure?
      Unfortunately, nothing is guaranteed in life. We do nightly on-site and off-site backups of your data. Should anything ever happen to a server we can restore things from that off-site backup. 
  • Security

    1. What protection / assurance do you have that my client data is safe?
      Our servers are located in a national data center which gives you the assurance that the servers and the data are very well protected, via firewalls and monitoring tools. All of our sites are also protected by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). With SSL your data is encrypted before it is transmitted over the web for even more security.
  • Features

    1. What if there is a feature I want to have added to the software?
      We are constantly adding new features to our software package. If you have an idea of a feature you would like to see in our software, please send it to us!