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Version 3.2
April 8th, 2018...
Version 3.1
August 13, 2017...
Version 3.0
December 31, 2016...
Version 2.7.0
May 15, 2016...
Version 2.6.0
November 8, 2015...
Version 2.5.2
August 15, 2015...
Version 2.5.1
March 22, 2015...
Version 2.5.0
November 8, 2014...
Version 2.4.4
August 8, 2014...
Version 2.4.3
June 1, 2014...
Version 2.4.2
February 23rd, 2014...
Version 2.4.1
September 19, 2013...
Version 2.4.0
June 12, 2013...
Version 2.3.1
March 3, 2013...
Version 2.3.0
December 21, 2012...
Version 2.2.5
October 15, 2012...
Version 2.2.4
September 30, 2012...
Version 2.2.3
September 23, 2012...
Version 2.2.2
August 3, 2012...
Version 2.2.1
June 7, 2012...
Version 2.2.0
May 18th, 2010...
Version 2.1.4
April 1, 2012...
Version 2.1.3
March 4, 2012...
Version 2.1.2
February 29, 2012...
Version 2.1.1
February 10, 2012...
Version 2.1.0
January, 25, 2012...
Version 2.0.2
January 20, 2012...
Version 2.0.1
January, 6, 2012...
Version 2.0.0
December 20,2011...
Version 1.8.0
November 23, 2011...
Version 1.7.3
November 4, 2011...
Version 1.7.2
October 18, 2011...
Version 1.7.1
October 3, 2011...
Version 1.7
September 26, 2011...
Version 1.6.1
September 9, 2011...
Version 1.6
August 30, 2011...
Version 1.5
August 14, 2011...
Version 1.4
July 29, 2011...
Version 1.3.1
July 26, 2011...
Version 1.3
July 21, 2011...
Version 1.1
June 28, 2011...
Version 1.2
July 14, 2011...
Version 1.0
June 25, 2011...

Version 3.1

Major Changes

  1. Popups on Mobile: With the change to a 'responsive' site in version 3.0 the functionality of the popups on iOS devices was degraded significantly due to the way iOS handles iFrames/popups in their browses. In this release we have changed the way popups open in DBP so they will now open in their own window on mobile devices.
  2. Daycare Daily Limit: We have added the ability to limit each day of the week to a specific maximum number of registrations. You can then have a waiting list option for that day.
  3. Package Categories: We added the ability to arrange packages into categories like classes. This way you can categorize them making it easier for your clients to view them on the Client Registration Portal.
  4. Calendar Color Coding: You now have the ability to choose how you want your calendars color coded. You can have the the current way or by class, location, employee, etc. This setting can be found on your 'My Account' page and is separate for each user that logs into DBP.
  5. Auto-Responders
    1. We have added the ability to add the location name and address to your auto-responders for classes, events & private training.
    2. We have added the ability to include the class end/grad date in your class auto-responders.
    3. We have added the ability to have auto-responders go to the assigned co-instructor of the class, event & private training appointment.
    4. We have added additional 'triggers' so you can setup an auto-responder that will be sent when a registration is deleted and when a waiver is signed.
  6. Relationship for Family Members: We have added the ability to specify a relationship for each of the family members on a client's record.
  7. Family Section Message: We added the ability to put in a custom message to your clients at the top of the Family Members section in the Client Registration Portal.
  8. Messages for Custom Registration Forms: You now have the ability to add a message to the top of each of your own custom registration forms in the system.
  9. Deceased Dogs: We made some changes so deceased dogs will no longer show in lists for registration. They will also show as 'deceased' when viewing them on the owner's page as well as in the Client Registration Portal.
  10. Class List: We made some visual changes to the main class list to show what classes are full, cancelled, started, available for registration, etc.
  11. Internal Daycare/Boarding Registrations: We added the ability to have internal daycare and boarding registrations to default to pending like they do when a client registers online.
  12. Calendar Widget: If you have a responsive website, there is now an option for a responsive calendar widget as well as a 2-line display of classes, event, etc. You will need to update your code for this to happen.
  13. Client Registration Portal: We made some changes to the layout of pages, including making the buttons larger, for better use on mobile devices.
  14. Training Availability View: We have added the ability to see an availability view in the Training Module. This will allow you to see available time slots for locations or instructors.

Minor Changes

  1. We have added the Day of Week to the class pages.
  2. We made a few changes to the 'Schedule Class' popup to make things flow easier when scheduling a class.
  3. We have added the ability to inactivate Packages. This way you can make a package inactive if you want to have it unavailable temporarily without totally deleting it.
  4. We have added the ability to inactivate Sign-Up Options. This way you can make them inactive if you want to have one unavailable temporarily without totally deleting it.
  5. We made a few changes to the layout, wording, etc in the Client Registration Portal to help streamline registrations and clarify several points of confusion. 
  6. You may now only merge dogs for a specific owner.
  7. We added the ability for you to add a specific message to the Mailing List section in the Client Registration Portal. This applies if you are integrated with any of our email marketing options.
  8. We made a few changes to scheduling from the Day View so now when you click on a 'schedule' link at the top of the page it will default the date to the current day you are viewing as well as take you to the page you scheduled the class/event/appointment on when you save it.
  9. We changed the Family sort order under the client's page to make things easier to see who is human, pet, etc.
  10. We added the ability to include the valid special characters into email addresses in DBP. Before any special characters such as &, %, $, etc were not considered valid.
  11. We added a message showing how many credits a client has left when you are registering them and using a credit in the system.
  12. Removing an entire invoice will now create a history record for the invoice and each transaction removed.

Bug Fixes

  1. Share images on the receipt page were not showing the icon images. 
  2. When editing a daycare appointment from the client page the 'credit used' status was being lost.
  3. We fixed an issue with PayPal where the entire total of the invoice was being billed vs the open balance.
  4. We fixed an issue where appointments were not correctly showing the 'booked' on the calendar if the appointment started before the opening.
  5. When entering invoice payments, you could update the total independently so it would not match the payments on each item. We have resolved this issue.
  6. When changing the class type the form was being cleared. You can now change the class type without losing your entered information.
  7. We added a check so the client can no longer enter future dates for the dog's date of birth.
  8. The default event auto-responder was being sent even when it was marked as inactive. This has been fixed.
  9. We fixed an error when printing the daycare schedule if you were searching by location.
  10. We fixed an issue where the end date for the class would show incorrectly on the class page if you had no duration for your class.
  11. When entering a vaccine in the Admin Module, the breed page message was showing at the top.
  12. When a class has an & in the title the email would not show up correctly in external email programs.
  13. If you removed a custom field that was marked as a 'favorite' you would get an error when going to the custom fields page. 
  14. There was an issue when merging dogs where the default data would not get merged over. This has been resolved.
  15. If you removed your overall site color. An error would occur. You can no longer remove the color.
  16. We fixed an issue when a client would register for a package choosing 'any' dog. Now there will no longer be a form displaying for a package if 'any' dog is selected by the client.
  17. With a direct link a client could still purchase an inactive package. We have fixed this issue so that can no longer occur.
  18. If you did not completely remove the Authorize.NET information the 'pay with card' button would still show. Now if you select 'none' for your merchant account that button will no longer appear. 
  19. If the daycare notes were really long they would not display fully in the popup. We have fixed this issue.
  20. The dog export was showing the breed id vs the name. This has been resolved.
  21. We added the extension to the file name when emailing attachments to ensure all devices recognize what application to open the file in.
  22. We fixed an issue with manually expanding the html editor boxes where they would then overlap window contents below them. Now you will no longer be able to manually resize those windows. They will automatically resize as you type.