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Version 3.2
April 8th, 2018...
Version 3.1
August 13, 2017...
Version 3.0
December 31, 2016...
Version 2.7.0
May 15, 2016...
Version 2.6.0
November 8, 2015...
Version 2.5.2
August 15, 2015...
Version 2.5.1
March 22, 2015...
Version 2.5.0
November 8, 2014...
Version 2.4.4
August 8, 2014...
Version 2.4.3
June 1, 2014...
Version 2.4.2
February 23rd, 2014...
Version 2.4.1
September 19, 2013...
Version 2.4.0
June 12, 2013...
Version 2.3.1
March 3, 2013...
Version 2.3.0
December 21, 2012...
Version 2.2.5
October 15, 2012...
Version 2.2.4
September 30, 2012...
Version 2.2.3
September 23, 2012...
Version 2.2.2
August 3, 2012...
Version 2.2.1
June 7, 2012...
Version 2.2.0
May 18th, 2010...
Version 2.1.4
April 1, 2012...
Version 2.1.3
March 4, 2012...
Version 2.1.2
February 29, 2012...
Version 2.1.1
February 10, 2012...
Version 2.1.0
January, 25, 2012...
Version 2.0.2
January 20, 2012...
Version 2.0.1
January, 6, 2012...
Version 2.0.0
December 20,2011...
Version 1.8.0
November 23, 2011...
Version 1.7.3
November 4, 2011...
Version 1.7.2
October 18, 2011...
Version 1.7.1
October 3, 2011...
Version 1.7
September 26, 2011...
Version 1.6.1
September 9, 2011...
Version 1.6
August 30, 2011...
Version 1.5
August 14, 2011...
Version 1.4
July 29, 2011...
Version 1.3.1
July 26, 2011...
Version 1.3
July 21, 2011...
Version 1.1
June 28, 2011...
Version 1.2
July 14, 2011...
Version 1.0
June 25, 2011...

Version 2.5.1 

New Features

  1. We added Facebook & Twitter buttons to the class and event pages so you can easily share that information to your page or personal timeline.
  2. We added an 'Allow Email' flag to the client profile. If this is turned off the client will not receive any automatic or manually generated emails from the system.
  3. We added the ability for you to see what dogs have a note entered when checking them in for Daycare, Boarding or Therapy. There is a paper clip icon that will display and you can hover over that and see the check-in information including the note entered.
  4. We added the ability for you to set a default tab for the Client, Dog, Class or Event pages in the system. That setting is separate for each user in the system and can be accessed from the user's 'My Account' link at the top of the page. 
  5. We added the ability to upload documents into the Documents section vs having to create them using the editor.
  6. We added the ability to mark dogs as deceased in the system.
  7. We added the ability to have Auto-Responders sent to the instructor as well as the main email address in the system.
  8. We added a Vaccines tab to the class and event pages so you can see the vaccine information easily for the entire class.
  9. We added 'hovers' to the system that will display in various locations when you hover over the client or dog names. These 'hovers' will display details about that client or dog without having to go to their full profile page.
  10. We added the Start Date on the Modularized Classes page.
  11. We added a way to confirm pending registrations from the 'Pending Registrations' page without having the auto-responders sent.
  12. We added the graduation date to the printed roster.
  13. We have added the ability to search all class types at one time.
  14. We added a class link to the class setup window in the Admin Module. You can use this url to link your clients directly to the class description for that class without any session information appearing. The link found on the class page in the Training Module will still link you directly to that scheduled session of the class.
  15. We added the ability to assign client and dog registration forms as well as a waiver and a deposit amount to each package.
  16. We added the ability to display the session details at the top of class rosters. 

Updates & Changes

  1. We made a change to refresh the attendance list when removing a registration from the class page.
  2. We made a change so you can now refund a client even when you have deleted the associated charge transaction.
  3. We made a change to the report filtering to take the time range info affect.
  4. We have added the ability to change the email message that is sent out when you check the 'Automatically Invoice & Email Client' checkbox when registering them for a class, event, etc. That message can now be found in the Auto-Responders section.
  5. We have added the ability to list 2 trainers on events, like you currently can for classes.
  6. We added a duplicate button to the class and event pages, so you can easily duplicate them from there as well as the calendar where it was currently available.
  7. We gave you the ability to change the color of the Private Training & Therapy options that will display to your clients.
  8. We added a flag next to the dog in the list if they have a food allergy.
  9. We added another date option to the Dog List Report. Now you can filter for the date the dog was added into the system.
  10. We added the attendee count to the event list under the Events tab in the Training Module.
  11. We made a change so line breaks in the Session Notes for classes will not show in the Client Registration Portal as well.
  12. We made a change to the Private Training filter in the Client Registration Portal to only include the available private training instructors.
  13. We made some changes to registrations, check-ins, charges and credits in the system: 
    • When deleting a Daycare, Therapy or Boarding check in:
      • 1. The credit will be restored if one was used
      • 2. The charge transaction and invoice will be removed if no payment has been made
    • When removing a class, event or private training registration:
      • 1. The credit will be restored if one was used
  14. We added the end date to the information displayed for the class in the Client Registration Portal.
  15. We added a warning to the Event Registration window so you can easily see if a level is full when registering a client internally for an event.
  16. We made a change to apply the refund correctly when a discount was included on the transaction/invoice.
  17. We made a change so you can have the 'Mail-In Payment' option on without having to have the 'Pay Later' option enabled.


  1. We fixed an issue where 'am' or 'pm' was being displayed twice in some of the Auto-Responders.
  2. We fixed an issue where client discounts that were added when the invoice was automatically created for a registration were not being loaded when editing that invoice.
  3. We fixed an issue where special characters in the document name or path will not allow it to be uploaded and/or viewed.
  4. We fixed an issue that could occur on the custom registration forms with date fields. If the client entered a valid date but not in a compatible format (ex: 2/3/13) instead of the correct format (ex: 2/3/2013) no error message would be displayed to them.
  5. We fixed an issue that would happen when editing an employee where the state was not being selected.
  6. We fixed an issue with posting to Facebook. If there was a special character in the event title, the post was being cutoff in the Facebook post.
  7. We fixed an error that would occur when trying to pull up clients to merge when there was an apostrophe in their name.
  8. We fixed an error that would occur when trying to edit transactions created by automatic PayPal refunds.
  9. When you modified a registration from the calendar it was putting it back into the pending state to be confirmed again, meaning the client will get a second confirmation email when you confirmed it. We fixed this issue.
  10. We fixed an issue where a special character in the document title would cause an error when uploading and/or viewing it.
  11. Partial refunds through PayPal were adding the total amount and not the amount processed via PayPal. We have fixed this issue.
  12. There was an issue where the return link from PayPal had a formatting issue. We have fixed this.
  13. We fixed a report printing issue that would happen in Internet Explorer.
  14. We fixed an issue where dates of classes that were rescheduled or moved were displaying as bold if you had the 'bold first date' setting turned on.
  15. We fixed an issue where the sort by start date was not working on the Event List Widget.
  16. We fixed an issue where filtering by a 'status' field in the Reporting section would bring back no results.
  17. We fixed an issue where the session # for Standard Classes was not displaying correctly when dates were skipped.
  18. We fixed an issue in the Daycare module where the date in the schedule popup window was not defaulting to the date selected on the Daycare tab.