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Version 3.2
April 8th, 2018...
Version 3.1
August 13, 2017...
Version 3.0
December 31, 2016...
Version 2.7.0
May 15, 2016...
Version 2.6.0
November 8, 2015...
Version 2.5.2
August 15, 2015...
Version 2.5.1
March 22, 2015...
Version 2.5.0
November 8, 2014...
Version 2.4.4
August 8, 2014...
Version 2.4.3
June 1, 2014...
Version 2.4.2
February 23rd, 2014...
Version 2.4.1
September 19, 2013...
Version 2.4.0
June 12, 2013...
Version 2.3.1
March 3, 2013...
Version 2.3.0
December 21, 2012...
Version 2.2.5
October 15, 2012...
Version 2.2.4
September 30, 2012...
Version 2.2.3
September 23, 2012...
Version 2.2.2
August 3, 2012...
Version 2.2.1
June 7, 2012...
Version 2.2.0
May 18th, 2010...
Version 2.1.4
April 1, 2012...
Version 2.1.3
March 4, 2012...
Version 2.1.2
February 29, 2012...
Version 2.1.1
February 10, 2012...
Version 2.1.0
January, 25, 2012...
Version 2.0.2
January 20, 2012...
Version 2.0.1
January, 6, 2012...
Version 2.0.0
December 20,2011...
Version 1.8.0
November 23, 2011...
Version 1.7.3
November 4, 2011...
Version 1.7.2
October 18, 2011...
Version 1.7.1
October 3, 2011...
Version 1.7
September 26, 2011...
Version 1.6.1
September 9, 2011...
Version 1.6
August 30, 2011...
Version 1.5
August 14, 2011...
Version 1.4
July 29, 2011...
Version 1.3.1
July 26, 2011...
Version 1.3
July 21, 2011...
Version 1.1
June 28, 2011...
Version 1.2
July 14, 2011...
Version 1.0
June 25, 2011...

Version 2.4.3

Important Changes

  1. We have changed the current 'Vet Info' field into a custom field so that you have more control over making it required, etc. NOTE: PLEASE BE SURE TO ADD THAT TO YOUR DEFAULT DOG REGISTRATION FORM IF YOU WANT TO CONTINUE TO GET THAT INFORMATION WITH EACH REGISTRATION.
  2. We have added a setting so that any pending registrations for classes and events can count toward the total registrations. Currently, only confirmed registrations count toward that total.
  3. We have added the ability to choose a time zone for your system, so system generated times are display in your local time zone.
  4. We have added the ability for you to create an email signature for your own email address through DogBizPro. You can only do this if you are using an email address You cannot setup verification or an email signature for a public email address such as,, etc. We strongly recommend setting this up on the Email Verification page in the Admin Module to ensure your clients are getting your emails delivered and not blocked by their email provider.
  5. We changed the way the clients reset their passwords. We also changed so they have to enter the password twice when registering and changing it.

New Features/Improvements

  1. When searching for a client via telephone number, we have made it so you can enter or skip the dashes and the search will still find those clients.
  2. We have added the ability to export the results on the Classes tab in the Training Module.
  3. We have added the ability to create saved notes (like email messages) that you can then choose when entering a client, dog, class, event, etc note.
  4. We have added the ability to include the instructor name and email address in the auto-responders
  5. We have added the ability to search by the individual class on the Classes tab.
  6. We have added a way to print the monthly calendars in each module.
  7. We have added the ability for you to add a custom message to the bottom of the invoices.
  8. We have added 'Text' as a preferred contact method for clients.
  9. We have added the ability to assign a location to a module.
  10. We have added the client's name to the top of the printed custom form sheet.
  11. We added the ability to search by day of the week on the Classes tab.
  12. We have added the ability to add your DBP calendar to external calendar programs via an iCal feed.
  13. We added the ability to filter the client's transactions by 'all payments' or 'all charges'.
  14. We are now double checking all of the registrations a client has added to their cart to verify all of them are still available before the final checkout/registration. This should ensure that if two clients add the same class to their cart while it is still available only the one who checks out first will get the spot. The other will get a message that they must choose a different session or start date or event, etc before they can proceed with checkout.
  15. We made a change to the 'Track Attendance' events to mimic the recent change to the classes. Now if you have an event marked as 'Track Attendance' and not public you can send the registration link to your clients and only those clients will be able to register for that event.
  16. We are now allowing the alignment of the text in the Class List Widget to be set when creating the widget.
  17. You now have the ability (on the My Account page) to change the number of lines an event takes up on the monthly calendars.
  18. We have made a change for those clients who choose to do mail in payments to make is more straight forward to your clients how to process and mail in their payments.
  19. We have added the registration link for each category to the category popup in the Admin Module. With this link you can limit the main Client Registration Portal class list to display only classes in that category.
  20. We have added the ability for you to display the event type key on your calendar widget.
  21. We have added the ability for you to send an alert message to the client that they can view in their account.
  22. We have added a message telling you when a class has reached the max when manually registering a dog for class internally.
  23. We added the ability to add customized text to the top of the class or event schedule print outs.
  24. We have made changes to save the Client & Dog Search and Sorting under the Clients and Dogs tabs.
  25. We have made some changes to the way items are blocked on the private training registration calendar.
  26. We have changed the client and dog export to show the custom fields in their own separate columns.
  27. We have added the custom dog and client fields to the event registration export.
  28. We added a 'Paid' image when viewing/printing images that have already been paid.
  29. We have added the client's name to the printed receipt.
  30. We have hidden module information you do not have turned on for the current user in certain locations.


  1. We added the ability to create separate Boarding Sign-Up Options
  2. You can nos 'Schedule Boarding' from within the Daycare/Boarding module
  3. The Boarding tab allows you to check in your Boarding dogs and see the location availability at a glance.
  4. You can also filter the events on the Daycare/Boarding calendar page
  5. You can create Boarding Discounts & Packages 

Daycare Changes

  1. We renamed the Attendees tab to Daycare
  2. You can now delete from the Daycare tab
  3. We added the Sign-Up Option to Daycare tab list
  4. We are now showing the total dogs for the day on the Daycare tab
  5. We are now sorting the dogs on Daycare tab by name
  6. You can now assign color to the different sign-up options
  7. You can now assign an attendant and location to each daycare appointment scheduled.
  8. You can now search by Sign-Up Option, Location and Attendant on Daycare tab
  9. We are showing the dog's name on calendar views vs sign-up option name
  10. You can now edit the checkin/checkout information after the dog has been checked out
  11. We are saving the date you are viewing on the Daycare tab so if you leave and come back you won't have to choose it again.

Calendar Changes 

  1. Setting on the My Account for calendar default view
  2. Allow setting for 'show weekend' on all calendars
  3. Allow setting to show Holidays on all calendars
  4. Allow 'All day' events in all modules
  5. Highlight Today
  6. When changing a start time keep the same duration and automatically adjust the end time accordingly.
  7. For Therapy & Daycare calendar show color based on Sign-Up option selected


  1. We have fixed the issue where the event balance was not showing correctly when a client registered multiple times.
  2. We have 'fixed' the calendar pages so you can again click on a date in the month view or a time slot in the day or week view to schedule appointments accordingly.
  3. We have made changes so you will not get an error if you have special chars in the username.
  4. We fixed an error when searching to 'include all' on the Dogs tab.
  5. There was an error if openings spanned multiple days. Openings are now only allowed to be scheduled during 1 single day.
  6. An error would occur when saving a Sign-Up Option, If you formatted the text. We have fixed this issue.
  7. When clicking on a family member under the client's page the client dropdown was defaulting to the first client in the list. This has been fixed.
  8. We have made changes so you will not get an error if you have special chars in the username.
  9. We adjusted the height of the printed invoice page to ensure it will print on one page for clients.
  10. We have increased the maximum length for the valid length field for packages.
  11. We have increased the amount allowed for the class cost.
  12. We have 'fixed' this issue so the next scheduled date of the class will be displayed by default.
  13. If a document was set as the 'Terms & Conditions/Waiver' document and then that document was removed from the system, a blank box would show to the client. We have implemented a warning to force you to turn off the waiver setting or change to a different document before being able to delete the current 'Terms & Conditions/Waiver' document.
  14. When deleting a week of a Modularized Class from the 'View Upcoming Occurrences' window, the graduation dates were not being updated. We fixed that issue.
  15. We made the Vaccine popup window taller to eliminate this issue.
  16. We have made changes so you will not get an error if you have special chars in the document title.
  17. The internal invoice payment window is not reflecting any discounts on that invoice. The individual items amounts should now reflect the appropriate discount.
  18. When changing an existing discount that was not on an invoice all of the discounts with the same promo code would be updated. We have fixed this issue.
  19. The Employee page showed the first and last in First column. This has been fixed.
  20. We fixed the issue so you are now redirected to the correct page and can add dogs to class without having to go back into the class.
  21. The 'Add More' button for vaccines in the Client Registration Portal was not working correctly. We have fixed this issue.
  22. The 'delete' button on the client package popup will now delete all of the associated package credits as well.
  23. We fixed an issue where you were redirected to an invalid page after scheduling an opening.
  24. Rescheduling one occurrence of a recurring daycare appointment works on the calendar but shows up on the wrong day on the Attendance tab. We have fixed this issue.
  25. When 'close when full' was selected some Modularized Classes would show 'full' in the Upcoming Sessions section. Clients could still register for these classes using the sign-up button on that page or from the main list.
  26. We have replaced the existing html editor used on different pages throughout the program with a new one. The new one should alleviate any issues you may have had on mobile devices.
  27. There was an issue if you created a custom form for registration and then deleted that form without removing it from the class, event, etc that it was assigned to. We have fixed the issue so clients can still register if that happens.
  28. When going into a client or dog's record the main Clients or Dog tab was not highlighted. We have fixed this issue.
  29. When a client goes in to pay an existing invoice we removed the ability for the client to delete any items from their cart.
  30. The Sign-Up Option popup was not closing correctly when deleting a Sign-Up Option. This has been fixed.
  31. Daycare that was scheduled at 12am was not showing on Attendees (now the Daycare) tab. This has been fixed.
  32. If a client was deleted after one of their dogs was registered for a class, the registration count between the main list and class page were inconsistent. We have fixed this issue.
  33. If you have a really long memo for your package items, then there may have been an error occurring when adding a package to the client's account. That has been fixed.
  34. We have fixed an issue where you may get an error after assigning employees to a state if you switch the default country value.
  35. This is included in saving the Client and Dog searches for each user.
  36. There was an error and the popup would not open if you have deleted the auto-responder associated to the private training sign-up option. We have fixed this.
  37. There was an error when trying to export the results from either the client or dog search when searching by the custom fields. We have fixed this.
  38. Dogs with only Attends Private Training marked are now included in the Training Module dog list by default.
  39. We have fixed an issue where sending a waiver does not automatically redirect client back to waiver after they log in.
  40. We have made a change so sign-up options can only be in 15 minute increments.
  41. An error would occur if there was a quote in the url used to access the sign-up pages.
  42. The repeat until date was required to be filled in even if the repeat indefinitely is selected. We have fixed this.
  43. There was an issue where multiple confirmation emails were being sent for certain events after a PayPal payment was processes and the registration was confirmed.