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Version 3.2
April 8th, 2018...
Version 3.1
August 13, 2017...
Version 3.0
December 31, 2016...
Version 2.7.0
May 15, 2016...
Version 2.6.0
November 8, 2015...
Version 2.5.2
August 15, 2015...
Version 2.5.1
March 22, 2015...
Version 2.5.0
November 8, 2014...
Version 2.4.4
August 8, 2014...
Version 2.4.3
June 1, 2014...
Version 2.4.2
February 23rd, 2014...
Version 2.4.1
September 19, 2013...
Version 2.4.0
June 12, 2013...
Version 2.3.1
March 3, 2013...
Version 2.3.0
December 21, 2012...
Version 2.2.5
October 15, 2012...
Version 2.2.4
September 30, 2012...
Version 2.2.3
September 23, 2012...
Version 2.2.2
August 3, 2012...
Version 2.2.1
June 7, 2012...
Version 2.2.0
May 18th, 2010...
Version 2.1.4
April 1, 2012...
Version 2.1.3
March 4, 2012...
Version 2.1.2
February 29, 2012...
Version 2.1.1
February 10, 2012...
Version 2.1.0
January, 25, 2012...
Version 2.0.2
January 20, 2012...
Version 2.0.1
January, 6, 2012...
Version 2.0.0
December 20,2011...
Version 1.8.0
November 23, 2011...
Version 1.7.3
November 4, 2011...
Version 1.7.2
October 18, 2011...
Version 1.7.1
October 3, 2011...
Version 1.7
September 26, 2011...
Version 1.6.1
September 9, 2011...
Version 1.6
August 30, 2011...
Version 1.5
August 14, 2011...
Version 1.4
July 29, 2011...
Version 1.3.1
July 26, 2011...
Version 1.3
July 21, 2011...
Version 1.1
June 28, 2011...
Version 1.2
July 14, 2011...
Version 1.0
June 25, 2011...

Version 2.3.0

New Items

  1. We made changes to Authorize .NET payments so the individual items are now sent meaning that your receipt and Authorize .NET account will show the itemized billing for an invoice.
  2. We added a Payment Received trigger so you can have an email or alert sent to you when a payment has been received from PayPal and/or Authorize .NET
  3. We added the ability to create saved messages that can then be selected when emailing a client and/or class and event attendees.
  4. We added the ability to cc yourself on emails send through DogBizPro.
  5. We added the ability to have email address sent in the BCC field vs the CC field when sending through your own email client.
  6. We added a link to the document page so you can easily view your document as your clients will see it.
  7. We added a receipt/share page which your clients will be directed back to via Authorize .NET or PayPal. On this page they can print their invoice receipt and/or share their class registrations, etc with their friends on Facebook and Twitter.
  8. We added a context menu to the events on the training calendar with the ability to:
    1. Manually bill a client for a recurring event. If you schedule a recurring event for a specific client, they are billed once for the amount you enter when scheduling the event. Now you can got to a specific occurrence on the calendar and right click to bill them for that occurrence. 
    2. Navigate directly to the class or event page
  9. We added the ability for you to email the class roster.
  10. We added the ability to include a link to a document in the email window. 
  11. We added the ability for you to reset a client’s password.


  1. Sales by Event Type
  2. Daycare Sales (by sign-up option)
  3. Therapy Sales (by sign-up option)


  1. We made a change so that confirmation emails will not get sent when the payment has been processed if the registration was already confirmed.
  2. We added the year to the Calendar Widget header.
  3. We added the end time to the hover on the main calendar and the calendar widget.
  4. We made some changes to the Schedule Event window to:
    1. Automatically populate the start date, time and duration when creating a new event and switching from a one-time event to a recurring event.
    2. Automatically change the end date when updating the start date.
    3. Automatically check the day of the week for weekly repeating events.
    4. Allow clicking on the calendar to schedule a new event. In Day or Week view you can click and drag to highlight a time range to set the start and end time for the event.
  5. We added the dog’s Age to the printed class roster.
  6. We added the session date to the printed class roster for Modularized Classes.
  7. We added a box around the session number on a printed roster to signify that the attendance for that week was marked in the system prior to printing.
  8. We changed the color of the selected input boxes as well as ‘read-only’ boxes to make things more intuitive.
  9. We added the ‘Start Date’ for Modularized Classes to the item description in the client’s cart when registering online.
  10. In the Client Register the ‘Transactions’ or ‘Invoices’ like will be bolded according to what you are currently viewing.
  11. We made a change so the calendar filter and class search will search for classes/events where the co-instructor is one of the instructors selected.
  12. We changed the way the number of sessions is computed for Modularized Classes when you use the ‘Repeat Until’ setting. Before this would override the number of sessions set in the Admin Module. No this will work the same way as the ‘Repeat Indefinitely’ setting for Modularized Classes. 
  13. We made a change to not allow new clients to register for an online profile if the “Allow Clients to create/update their Profile” is not checked. Previously a client could create a profile but not make any changes to existing information.


  1. Error that occurred when searching for a dog with a special character in the name.
  2. Fixed an issue where the employee types checked for an employee were not being cleared when switching between employees.
  3. Fixed an issue where the discount amount was not showing up when the client clicked ‘pay online’.
  4. Fixed an issue where classes marked ‘cancelled’ were still showing up as available on the class details – upcoming sessions section.
  5. We fixed an issue where a deleted Multi-Dog Discount was still being given to clients. 
  6. We fixed an issue when editing an event, where you may get a message saying there are “registration levels…” even when there were not any for that event.
  7. We fixed an issue where editing a modularized class would reset the client’s start dates.
  8. We fixed an issue where events without registration levels were showing full.
  9. We fixed the Event List Widget which was not sorting by date when selected.
  10. We fixed an issue where the PayPal button would show up even when the balance was 0 due to a discount.
  11. We fixed an issue where the waiver was not being displayed for classes with a 0 cost. 
  12. We fixed an issue where the Repeat section of the Schedule Event window was not displaying after viewing a non-recurring event.
  13. We fixed an issue where if you were using the Calendar Widget but had Class Registration disabled the client would still be able to register for a class. 
  14. We fixed an issue where the deleted payment methods were still being displayed.
  15. We fixed the calendar hover over for the Training Module and Calendar Widget. It was showing ‘Employee’ instead of ‘Instructor’.
  16. We fixed an export issue on Macs where the reports were not showing up correctly when exported.
  17. We fixed an issue where the logo was not showing up on forms created in the Documents section.
  18. We fixed the sort order for the Attendance tab on the Modularized Class screen so it matches the Registration tab.
  19. We fixed an issue with constant contact when changing a client’s email address to one that already existed in your Constant Contact account.
  20. We changed the link to our support chat and email buttons to use ssl.
  21. We fixed an issue where items manually added to invoices via ‘Other Charge’ were not showing up when a client clicked through to pay online.