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Below are some comments from our current DogBizPro Clients as well as some comments from their clients. Try our demo today to see what they are all raving about!

 Hallelujah! Finally! We don’t mind telling you, now that we have a solution, how much we hated being asked for recommendations about good scheduling software for trainers. Now that we’ve learned about DogBizPro and gotten to know the program and the owner/programmer/dog trainer behind it, ask away. Go ahead, ask us. What do we recommend for dog trainers looking for scheduling software? DogBizPro. The program is smart, robust, easy to use, professionally and logically laid out. On top of that, updates are sent out on a regular basis, with constant improvements to functionality. Our clients currently using the program are singing its praises, including the ease of integration with their websites and the quick and friendly customer support and timeliness in addressing issues. We’re so enamored we’ve signed on as affiliates ourselves. Check it out, especially those of you trainers who have long searched for a program for online class registration.   

 I've been a customer of DogBizPro for two years and I absolutely love it! It has made my life so much easier as a sole proprietor and currently, sole employee of my dog training business. I no longer have to manually register students. They can easily create an account, which will always be there for them, so they can quickly register for future classes.

Customer service has been outstanding from Day One! I was able to set up phone assistance as well as web assistance with the developer, Stephanie Challand. She walked me through the software, step by step, so I knew exactly how the program would work for me. I have been completely satisfied with DogBizPro.

The only thing that I do not use much of, is tracking the student payments. I have a different software program I use, that I enter all of my receipts. Sometimes I feel like I'm doing double duty, as if I don't also enter payments from students and they check their account, it looks like they have not paid. So, for the time being, I'm entering receipt of payment in DBP and also my accounting software.

But, my overall assessment is 5 stars! I'm so happy I have DBP! It has made a big difference with my business and how I handle class scheduling and special events.

Thank you, Stephanie Challand for all of your help. DBP Rocks! 

-- Kathy Edstrom of Paws-A-Tive Choice, LLC

As my new business grew and my schedule became busier it was very apparent I needed something to help keep my sanity. Thank goodness for Stephanie and DogBizPro! So easy to use and customize. I couldn't imagine doing business without it. 
-- Jeff Dentler of Dentler's Dog Training

 Finally…a program that fits my needs! And believe me, it has been a long search. The platform is easy to use and understand. DogBizPro has a professional look to it and is easily integrated with my website. What’s most important to me is customer service after a product has been purchased. DogBizPro exceeds my expectations with prompt and friendly responses to questions. The constant updates make the product better and better. Purchasing DogBizPro has been a smart move and a great way to start the New Year. Thank you!
 - Christina of Paw It Forward LLC

Thank you so much for the quick response. I really appreciate it. You answered all of my questions in less than 12 hours. Now that is customer service! I am so please with the customer service you provide and I love your product. The ease of integration into my website was fabulous. The class schedule list widget is awesome - exactly what I wanted! The look and feel that the client will get when they click to register. I know how much people like to do things online and to have this option with a professional look is amazing. I think it fits in very well with my website!
-- Sheryl of The Wayward Hound

 Thank you very much! You guys are just great! We can't say enough good stuff about you! I am loving the program, and in such a short period of time to be able to make ourselves more efficient is incredible.  AND THE ABILITY TO CONSTANTLY BUG YOU GUYS with questions is AWESOME as well!
-- Katie of The Learning Dog

We are enjoying the ease of the software in comparison to our previous option. This software is brilliant!  I recently hired a new assistant and she gave it a thumbs up too.
-- Dara of the Western PA Humane Society 

I am so happy that I decided to get DogBizPro. It has been an amazing time saver for me. It makes it so much easier to register people for classes, send group emails, keep track of classes and clients. A great investment.
-- Vicki Ronchette of Braveheart Dog Training

Has cut my time on a computer in half! Students can easily register for class at their convenience and pay at the same time. New students can easily see what I offer at a glance and if they have a question are able to email me right from the system. I don't know how I did business for 7 years prior to having this software! 
-- Kim Schiro of Kim's Dog Coaching

I have used this program since 10/17/2013, and it has helped me grow my business in so many ways. I now can keep track of a six figure business with piece of mind and ease. This product covers just about every angle of the business I'm in. At present, I have 1865 clients on board, and 1931 dogs.
DogBiz Pro allows me to keep track of all the transactions and details of every sell I make, and do reports on the year I've had.
-- Larry Beniot of Larry Benoit Dog Trainer LLC

This software is great for any dog trainers who offer private sessions and/or group classes. Less admin work for me as a business owner and more time working with dogs. 
-- Colleen Dermot of Dog Tranquility LLC

 I am not super saavy with computers but this has been one of the easiest programs I have used for the Dog Training Professionals. I highly recommend it to a number for trainers to help organize their business.

 I love the scheduling software.
-- Brenda of Two Paws Up Dog Training, Inc.

 I signed up for the class online and it was VERY easy and I got an automatic confirmation. Great new process!

-- a happy client of Loving Paws, LLC

 By the way, I was at a dog*tec training seminar last month, and Veronica Boutelle and I talked about how much we love DogBizPro. I really do encourage everyone to use your software because it is so good and you are so responsive to customer requests, as evidenced again today. Thanks for making my business more efficient and my life a little easier!
-- Kelly of TipTopTails Dog Training

Without a doubt the best online program a trainer could want to have to keep track of their business! Most definitely user friendly. Their online support is second to none. So many ways to reach support, chat online, Online Support Portal. There are videos online. Email support and telephone support. DogBizPro can do it all. From private classes and events to modular classes, Daycare, Track Clients, dogs, First response, Calendar, online payments, Client registrations and these are only a few of the things necessary to conduct your business. With DogBizPro you can have it all.
-- Terry Blaine of Healthy Paws Dog Training Services & Pet First Aid

DogBizPro is just fabulous. I’ve been steadily migrating customers over to it and it is everything it promised to be. I am singing your praises loudly! There is in my mind nothing currently on the market to compare. It’s certainly making my life a whole lot easier. And your ethos and attitude to customer needs continues to be one of the most impressive features.
-- Simon Wooler of Waggamania